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We believe that triathlon is not just a sport – it’s a way of life. It’s disruptive. It takes courage. Mental fortitude. Stubbornness. A lot of carbs and sodium.


Founded by Ashburn residents and triathlon enthusiasts Joshua and Stefani Shepherd, LoCo Tri is a newly established company that provides quality goods and services dedicated to the vibrant and growing community in Northern Virginia and the surrounding area. Acquiring the well-known Transition Triathlon shop in Leesburg, VA, in early 2024, we look forward to building on the solid foundation that our customers are accustomed to and evolving the store into a hub that transforms the lifestyle of athletes with unique styles, healthy living and quality/vetted products for endurance sports.

When not in the shop, Josh and Stef probably drive their four boys to their various practices, train for an upcoming race, or try to nap on the couch.


We aim to combine our love of competing with our love of the local community. We believe that triathlon is not just a sport—it’s a way of life. It’s disruptive. It takes courage, mental fortitude, stubbornness, and a lot of carbs and sodium.
But you don’t just want to race - you want to look and feel amazing! From essential gear to nutrition to niche products, amassing the equipment to compete is not always easy or convenient. Our goal is to provide elite products and quality services to the vibrant and growing triathlon community in Northern Virginia. Whether you are a newbie or veteran, competing on a local swim team, or branching into a full-blown triathlon, LoCo Tri is here to cheer, support, and fuel you to accomplish your goals.


( LoCo Brands tried, tested, trusted, and used by us!)


“I use LMNT after runs, during my rides, and sometimes throughout the day when I know my hydration is not on point. Heck, even after a few too many glasses of wine, LMNT is my go-to.”


“As a former competitive swimmer, I want a suit that can withstand copious amounts of chlorine but also look cute if I lounge around the pool deck after practice. Jolyn has been my fave for years and was the first brand we brought into LoCo Tri!"


“I own 3 Cervelos: S2, P3, and P5, and if I could sell only one bike brand in our store, it would be Cervelo.”